Brother Moon and Sister Sun: A Korean Folktale (Bilingual)

해와 달이 된 오누이  (for ages 5 and up)

Brother Moon and Sister Sun

A very long, long, time ago, when tigers were smoking pipes, lived Mother and Brother and Sister in the deep woods. One day, Mother had to travel to the lower village to help with the the work for a house in

“얘들아! 집 잘 보고 있거라. 엄마가 올 때 맛있는 떡을 갖다 주마.”

“네 엄마, 잘 다녀 오세요.”

Day became night. Mother rushed home with a basket of dduk after completing her day’s work.

She climbed the mountain and was about to make her first turn when Tiger suddenly appeared and blocked her

“에그머니나!” Mother was terrified.

“떡 하나 주면 안 잡아 먹~지.” Tiger growled.

Mother quickly threw out a dduk and dashed away.

She climbed the second hill. But there, too, Tiger was waiting for her. 

“어흥! 떡 하나 주면 안 잡아 먹~지!”

The third, fourth, the fifth hill… Tiger was waiting at each corner and ended up eating all of Mother’s dduk.


Finally the last hill…  

“호랑아, 이젠 떡이 없단다.”

“어흥! 그럼 널 잡아 먹어야겠다.” Tiger ate Mother.

“흐흐흐. 이 옷을 입으면 엄마인 줄 알겠지?”  

Tiger disguised in Mother’s clothes and went to the house where Brother and Sister were waiting, to eat the children, too.

“애들아! 엄마다. 문 열어라.”   Tiger mimicked Mother’s voice.

“으응, 이상하다.  우리 엄마 목소리는 그렇게 쉬지 않았는데.”

“그거야 찬 바람을 쐬고 오느라고 목이 쉬어서 그렇지!”  


“그럼 손을 내밀어 봐요.”   Tiger inserted his hand through the parchment door hole.

“으응,  이상하다.  우리 엄마 손은 이렇게 꺼칠꺼칠하지 않은데.”

“그거야, 추운 데서 일을 많이 해서 그렇지!”


“그럼 발을 내밀어 봐요.”  Tiger inserted his foot under the door.

“으응, 이상하다.  우리 엄마 발은 어렇게 크지 않은데.”

“그거야, 추우니까 버선을 많이 신어서 그렇지!”

Brother and Sister fell for Tiger’s words and opened the door for him.

Tiger quickly entered the room.

“얘들아, 배고프지?  엄마가 얼른 저녁밥 해줄께.”  Tiger pressed down his towel cap and entered the kitchen. But between the skirt sheets, there was Tiger’s tail!

“아니, 저건 호랑이 꼬리잖아! 우리 엄마가 아냐.  도망가자!”

Brother and Sister darted out of the room and climbed the tall tree by the pond.

When Tiger entered the room again, he couldn’t find the

“아니. 이 녀석들이 어디 갔지?”  Tiger searched every nook and cranny of the house.

“이런, 방에도 없고, 마루에도 없고, 뒷간에도 없고, 헛간에도 없네.  어유!  장독대에도 없고, 마루 밑에도 없잖아.”

But then Tiger saw Brother and Sister’s reflection in the well.

“옳지,  요놈들이 여기 있었구나.”

Tiger danced around and around the well in excitement.

“요놈들을 무얼 갖고 건질까,  바가지로 건질까,  조리로 건질까?”

Upon hearing those words, Brother and Sister burst out into laughter.

“아이고 우스워라!”  “하하하! 호호호!”

Tiger heard the laughter and looked up.

“으응.  너희들 거기 있었구나!”  Tiger tried to climb up the tree.

But he kept slipping down.32531_48188

“애들아, 거기에 어떻게 올라갔니?”  Tiger asked.

The older Brother quickly answered.

“손이랑  발에다 참기름을 듬뿍 바르고 올라왔지.”   

So Tiger smothered his front and back paws with sesame oil and started climbing up the tree. But he slid right down and hit his bottom on the ground.

“아이쿠, 엉덩이야!”  The younger sister giggled and said,

“이런 바보.  도끼로 쾅쾅  찍으며 올라오면 되잖아.” Oh no!

Tiger quickly brought an axe and started hitting the tree with it and started to climb up.

“흐흐흐, 이젠 됐다.”
  Tiger climbed the tree in excitement.

Brother and Sister kept climbing the tree higher and higher to escape Tiger’s grasp.

They finally reached the top, and there wasn’t anywhere left to climb. Brother and Sister started praying to God.[bookFile]_Main_Posted.file_0_20071023110840842

“하나님, 하나님.  저희를 살리시려면 새 동아줄을 내려 주시고, 저희를 죽이시려면 썩은 동아줄을 내려 주세요.”  

A strand of rope miraculously slid down from the sky. Brother and Sister hung on to the rope. The straw rope started travelling back up into the sky

Tiger imitated the Brother and Sister.images

“하나님, 하나님.  저를 살리시려면 새 동아줄을 내려 주세요.”

Once again, a rope slid down from the sky.

흐흐흐. 됐다.”  Tiger happily hung on to the rope.

But when Tiger was just about to grab the end of Sister’s skirt,

!”  The rope that Tiger was hanging onto snapped, for it was a rotten rope.

으아악~” Tiger slammed onto the ground.

Since then, it was said that Brother and Sister became the Sun and the Moon.

They say the older brother became the bright sun, while the younger sister became the calm moon.

But soon Sister grew scared of being in the dark and Brother switched places with her.

That is how we now have Brother Moon, and Sister Sun.


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