The ‘3 Queens of Silla Dynasty’ Paper Doll Printable

Once upon a time in Korea, three Queens reigned during the Silla Dynasty. This was the first and last time Korea ever saw three female monarchs in power, and all in one dynasty!


Queen Sun Duk

(606~647, Reign: 632~647)

Origin: Silla Dynasty (27th King)

Name: Kim Duk Man.

Wise, warm, kind & benevolent.

Was made Queen after passing of the King without an heir.

First Queen of Korea’s History. Was known as the ‘People’s Queen’.

Queen Jin Duk

(589?~654, Reign: 647~654)

Origin: Silla Dynasty (28th King)

Name: Kim Seung Ma

Ambitious, and a visionary.

Cousin of Queen Sun Duk. Became Queen per Queen Sun Duk’s will, after her passing.

Was known for her beauty and intelligence. Prepared the foundation for Korea’s very first unification in 676: Sam-Gook-Tong-Il (삼국통일 3-Land Unification).

Queen Jin Sung

( ?~897, Reign: 887~897)

Origin: Silla Dynasty (51st King)

Name: Kim Man or Kim Won

Younger sister of reigning 50th King- became Queen per his will after his passing.

Fell into consorting with young beauty boys and excessive partying– eventually causing the separation of the lands once more (disunification).

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