Home Layout for Best Flow of Energy: 6-Things to Look for When Buying a House


Peung soo (풍수 also known as Chinese Fen shui) has the literal meaning of WIND (peung) and WATER (soo). It is the eastern philosophy stating that blocking wind and increasing water heightens the flow of energy of the space and increases the efficacy of the people in that space.


『 Main Bedroom in the Center of the Home, kept Dark』

The master bedroom should be placed where there is a concentration of energy for maximum rest and restoring, which is the center of the house–as energy can’t gather in corners. The master bedroom should also be kept dark, for accumulation of wealth. A bright master bedroom with large windows is effective for having a progressive and open household, but not very positive for gathering wealth. Too much light is exposure and therefore isn’t condusive to gathering of wealth.


『 An Even Square Shape Bedroom is Best』

The shape of the environment a person resides in affects the Ki of the room and affects the efficacy of the person. A proportionately long and wide room is the ideal shape to live in, as it is a shape that gathers the most energy. A long room disperses the energy and is not ideal. A round room is rare, but is the most ideal for gathering energy. A round shape represents the sky, and also circulates energy. It is not good to block this flow of energy with a room divider.  


『 Living Room in the Center of the Home, with High Ceilings』

A living room should be placed in the central part of the home, more central than the master bedroom, where the MOST energy can gather. An ideal living room is large and central, with high ceilings. A living room like this generates the most positive energy and improves the residents’ health and social activities and hence good fortunes.



『 The Bathroom in the Corner』

There’s an old Korean expression, “It is best for the in-laws and the bathroom to be as far as possible.” (lol?) That expression has become obsolete, as modern bathrooms are now inside our homes. It is easy to think that the waste simply leaves through the pipes and does not affect the household. But the bathroom air has toxic air and gas. And the bathroom has much water, which makes its air humid. Every time the door opens, the odor and the gas travel to other rooms. The home’s center should always be clean and warm. So it is best to place bathrooms in corners, and if the case can’t be helped, take extra caution in isolating the odor and gas.


『 Place the Entrance in the Center of the Front Yard & the Home』

The entrance to the home acts as the tunnel that allows the energy from the yard enter the home. Therefore the entrance should be where there is a concentration of energy, which is the center of the building. It is also ideal for the door of entrances to swing into the home, as the movement will create a flow into the house. If the door swings out, so does the flow of energy. Flow affects the home’s Ki and wealth.


『 Place the Kitchen in Connection to the Living Room 』

A kitchen makes food, and has one of the primary roles of the household. According to Peungsoo theories, the placement of the kitchen affects the taste of the food. This is because the energy of the kitchen fluctuates with the placement. In the past, Korean kitchens were in corners. But in modern homes, kitchens have come to almost play a role of a living room. Hence it is good to have the kitchen close to the living room as possible.


『 Utilizing Daily PeungSoo Garners Good Fortunes 』

succulentOne can gain productivity, creativity, professional advancement and health improvement, hence good fortunes, through cleaning their surrounding and renewing a bright and positive energy in their daily life. First, imagine yourself working and getting things done on a clean desk. Get rid of all items that you don’t want or use anymore, and replace them with healthy plants and things that you love. This is also Peungsoo and will affect your life in a positive way.


Stay tuned for PART II: “Peunsoo Home Interior for Prosperity”

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