Korean Children’s Group Game: Flowers Singing and Stomping


꽃따기 놀이 (우리집에 왜 왔니?)


Flower Plucking Game (Why are you at our house?)


Intro: Ages 4-6   Minimum 6 people/ 15-20 is best.

Where: Outside or inside


Game Concept: It is a now an almost forgotten play that involves singing together and can be easily enjoyed by children of all ages. It is especially loved by preschoolers. It is not only a visually pleasing game that has the children moving in formations of lines, but also a good game to encourage unity.


Educational Benefits:  It is an activity that creates teams and has them holding hands and moving together so it roots a group mentality awareness and the children are made to call out each other’s names, building familiarity. It nurtures proactive attitudes and confidence, and exercises memory, and the winner and loser is decided by a game of rock, paper, scissor– teaching a healthy sense of judgement and fairness.


Game Song  <Why are you at our house>

Why are you at our house, at our house, at our house–

We’re here to find a flower, find a flower, find a flower.

Which flower do you want, do you want, do you want–

** flower is the one we want, one we want, one we want.


<우리집에 왜 왔니>

우 리 집 에 왜 왔 니 왜 왔 니 왜 왔 니

꽃 찾 으 러 왔 단 다 왔 단 다 왔 단 다

무 슨 꽃 을 찾 으 러 왔 느 냐 왔 느 냐

* * 꽃 을 찾 으 러 왔 단 다 왔 단 다



  1. Get in two teams.
  2. Each team lines up in a row linking arms or holding hands, facing the other team.
  3. Draw a line in the middle and be clear on each other’s territories.
  4. One person from each team decides which team attacks first with a game of rock, paper, scissor.
  5. The defending team moves first and starts advancing while singing, “Why are you at our house, at our house, at our house?” The attacking team moves back.
  6. Then the attacking team advances towards the defending team while singing “We’re here to find a flower, find a flower, find a flower,” while the defending team retreats.
  7. Now the defending team advances while singing “Which flower do you want, do you want, do you want?”
  8. The attacking team then inserts a name of a member of the defending team in the song and sings, “*** flower is the one we want, one we want, one we want.”
  9. The captain of the attacking team and the person who’s name has been called then plays a game of rock, paper, scissor. When the person’s name who has been called wins, the attacking team now becomes the defending team and the game continues. If the person loses, they join the attacking team.
  10. The next game’s attacker team can be decided with another round of rock paper scissor, or the winning team can simply continue with the next turn. 
  11. The team with more members at the end of the game wins, or, the game can continues until a team loses all of their members.



  1. The most exciting part of this play is stomping back and forth with the rest of the group, and singing and chanting out loud in unison. Encourage preschool children who are not used to moving in a group to participate.
  2. Younger than preschool children may participate, but explain to them the concept of rock paper scissor to them prior to the game.
  3. The original game calls for only one person from each team playing rock paper scissor for each round, but if there are too many members, the game can be improvised to have everyone play rock paper scissor with the person in front of them (so the children don’t get bored due to lack of individual action and lose interest.)


Below is an episode from a Korean children’s cartoon series. Jump to 3:10 to watch a short demo of the game being played, and to learn the melody of the song. 🙂

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