Dasik: Korean Old School No-Bake Cookies


[yumprint-recipe id=’1′]Dasik (다식): The ultimate traditional Korean cookie, a naturally-made and sweet treat. These special treats were the original no-bake cookies, considered a luxury despite the simple ingredients and process because of the meticulous individual hand-molding process.


What you’ll need:

A Dasik Molding Tool that looks something like this:    dasik_tool

(If you don’t have one of those available, something like these would also work nicely:)

cookie_cutter cookie_stamper

Honey (Korean rice-honey if available)

Cinnamon for flavor

Salt to taste

and… (this is where it get’s fun)

Starch Powder of your choice

(Below are some traditional options for the Korean dasik, but exercising your creativity is highly encouraged here.)


Rice Dasik

Take dried, cooked rice and toast in a pan until brown. Grind and sift to make a powder. Add honey and salt to make a dough.

Chestnut Dasik

Grind and sift cooked chestnuts. Add cinnamon, citrus and honey to make a dough.

Black Sesame Dasik

Wash and drain black sesame and lightly toast. Grind until the sesame releases oils. Add honey to make a dough.

Bean Dasik

Wash, roast, peel, and grind and sift beans. Add honey to make a dough.

Ginger Dasik

Sift ginger powder. Add starch, honey, and cinnamon to taste to make a dough.


How to make:

  1. Take the molding tool and cover the insides completely with sesame oil.
  2. Make sure there’s also plenty oil on the fingers so the dough doesn’t stick.
  3. Take little balls of the dasik dough and press into the mold with your fingers.
  4. Fill, cover (simple plastic wrap works here) and press with something flat.
  5. Push in the shapes to push-out the molded dasik piece.



Serve as they are with traditional tea, or pile them up in an intricate tower (goim) in colors that match the party theme for your next big celebration!



(send us your custom dasik creations to be featured! submissions@ummapub.com)

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