How to Plan a Dol in 90-Days

Planning your baby’s DOL can never start too early. Start taking pictures and videos as soon as your baby is born (some start as early as inception, saving ultrasounds and baby-bump videos) to gather materials for your video and photo presentations. The more materials you have, the easier it will be when planning and executing the perfect DOL!



3-MONTHS prior:

  1. Choose your Date
  2. Make your Guest List
  3. Decide on the format of celebration
  4. Set budget
  5. Reserve venue
  6. Gather materials/ photos

2-MONTHS prior:

  1. Decide on and reserve photography/ video services
  2. Decide on and reserve DOL setting/ decorations/ theme → inspirations/ resources
  3. Concept and start creating event presentations/ videos
  4. Reserve event photography/ album services

4-WEEKS prior:

  1. Confirm venue reservation
  2. Reserve hair/ makeup
  3. Decide on and reserve baby dol outfit


3-WEEKS prior:

  1. Prep boards/ prints for events/ activities (like for doljabi)
  2. Decide on and order Party Favors/ packaging
  3. Finalize all presentations/ videos/ event prints and designs
  4. Order all display supplies for dol setting/ or confirm
  5. Send out invites (usually 2-weeks prior, but earlier the better!)


2-WEEKS prior:

  1. Decide on and reserve MC
  2. Order dol dduk/ cake/ confirm date/ purchase dol outfit
  3. confirm all decorations
  4. confirm all other reservations


1-WEEK prior:

  1. Prep all doljabi materials
  2. Reserve family/ friends for help
  3. Star paying attention to your child’s hair and condition


5-DAYS prior:

  1. Final checkup of guest list and all reservations
  2. Create a checklist for the actual day of the event


2-3 DAYS prior:

  1. Make a check-list of all reservations and confirm all
  2. Confirm all appointments 
  3. Prep all baby supplies for the event, including change outfit for child, etc
  4. Prep all misc supplies/ like tape, pens, fish wire for hanging, scissors, etc.


1-DAY prior:

  1. Prep child’s supplies, load to car, purchase fruits if applicable
  2. Prep video (check day before, or at least day of), and balloons, etc.
  3. Get plenty of rest for yourself AND the baby



  1. Confirm all of the day’s reservations like cake and dduk.
  2. Bathe and nap baby, while you re-check all supplies
  3. Arrive at hair/ makeup studio 4-5 hours prior, to get to venue 2-hrs prior
  4. Arrive at event venue 2 hours prior to check everything


Now just remember to enjoy this beautiful event that you’ve put together, and smile for the cameras!


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