1,000 Year Old Korean Rice-Crispy Treats

These treats are light, crispy, and lightly sweetened– not to mention completely customizable for all tastes! Let’s make some 1,000 year old Korean Traditional Rice-Crispy Treats– perfect for the whole family!


Sticky Rice (sweet rice) 16 cups   OR    

Sticky Rice (sweet rice) 8 cups / Plain Gluttonous Rice 8 cups


For the Syrup:

Corn Syrup 4 cups (Korean Rice Honey if available)

Sugar 1 cup

Water 1 cup



Vegetable Oil/ Salt



Pumpkin Seeds/ Citrus Fruit/ Jujube/ Peanuts/ Black Sesame




  1. Wash the rice and soak in water for a few hours.
  2. Pour in plenty of water into a pot with the rice, and start cooking in medium heat while stirring constantly.
  3. Keep checking the state of the rice. When the rice is fully cooked, it’s ready!
  4. Run the rice under running water several times to get rid of the starch, till the water runs clear.
  5. Add the salt to the last rinse water.
  6. Let the rice drain for 2-hours.
  7. Spread evenly on a cheese cloth (or something else that will let air flow through) and dry completely for at least 3-days. (for those with a food-dehydrator, use it!)
  8. When the rice is fully dry, roll it a couple times to loosen the clumps. Sift to get rid of any dust or polluting elements. (make sure it’s completely dry or it’ll rot in the plastic bag to store!)
  9. To tell if the oil is ready for frying, throw in a couple rice grains and if the rice floats to the top immediately, the oil is ready. It is important to fry up quickly in hot enough oil: 370-375 f.
  10. If the rice is properly dry, it will float to the top as soon as you put it in in 5 seconds plumping up immediately.
  11. It is also fascinating to see how the dryness level of the rice will affect the speed and the color of the resulting rice.
  12. Let drain.
  13. Now prepare the items that will give it more flavor and color.  We’ve listed some things you can here, but feel free to put in your own favorites like chocolate chips, coconuts flakes, dried fruits and nuts!
  14. Color red can be given with strawberry powder.
  15. Green tea powder can be used to make green treats. Mix any powder with water and add to the mix to make ANY color!
  16. Drain the citrus preserve.
  17. Dice thinly.
  18. Pumpkin seeds are toasted until they become plump.
  19. The jujubes are soaked in water, peeled off the pits, and julienned.
  20. Prepare the frame that will hold the treat with wet plastic. Wet your rolling pin also, so the rice mix doesn’t stick.
  21. Deep-fry the black-sesame.
  22. Prepare the syrup recipe, and start boiling 2 ladle-fulls.
  23. When the syrup starts boiling, add the fried rice- about 2 cups.
  24. Add your various prepared ingredients and slowly keep stirring until you start seeing thin silver lines of the corn syrup.
  25. When it becomes too thick to stir, dump the mixture into your prepared frame.
  26. Even out with rolling pin, vertically then horizontally.
  27. Let it cool completely before cutting.
  28. Make different colors/ flavors with your prepared ingredients!
  29. Cut into pieces and serve.
  30. Wrap the remaining pieces so they don’t stick together. These are perfect to give as gifts!    



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